Modular Trade Show Displays Take Your Business to the Next Level

by Mary Mills on September 9, 2014

Modular trade show displays are a must-have for any business that’s selling a good or service. Do you attend trade shows on behalf of your business? At a trade show you can network with potential vendors, meet new customers, and you can even allow prospective customers to experience what it’s like to shop with you. But, none of this can be done if you don’t have a modular trade show display.

Many business owners don’t believe that there’s a trade show that’s appropriate for their business. However, trade shows can serve many purposes for your business, and are useful no matter who your audience is or the type of work that you do. For example – if you own a hardware store, consider attending a home improvement trade show. If you own a restaurant, perhaps there’s a food festival you could attend. If you’re a mechanic, perhaps there’s a car show you could set up your modular trade show display. The possibilities for how you can utilize a trade show are endless!

Having a sturdy, branded modular trade show display that’s customized to your business is critical if you’re going to attend a trade show. Modular trade show displays, booths, and standing banners help trade show exhibitors build their brand, show off their products, spread word of mouth, find new customers, generate sales leads, and more.

The nice thing about modular trade show displays is that they help create more of a branded atmosphere than a few standing signs would do on their own. Modular trade show displays are structures so that they show off your company logo, products you sell, and your company image in a professional and polished way. Modular trade show displays help you display a custom look for your business but with more savings. Modular trade show display components are typically lightweight and can be folded into a compact container. So, transportation and storage costs can be significantly lower than traditional trade show systems. Modular trade show displays also typically have some structural support, so your trade show booth will be sturdy and reliable. Because they’re sturdy, modular trade show displays can also hold small flat screen tvs or other technology.

Another benefit of modular trade show displays is that they fit together in a snap. There’s almost no need to hire professional installers to put together your modular trade show display or to take it down. You can your team can likely handle the installation of the display. Modular trade show displays can also be custom designed and created, so that your company’s brand is accurately reflected on the modular display. Modular trade show displays can also be modified to fit various trade show booth sizes, so that means your display can work for many different floor layouts and event types.

If you’re taking your business to the next level by attending trade shows, call your local sign provider and see how they can help you grow your customer base with a modular trade show display.