Summer is winding down and the holidays are around the corner – will you be prepared?

Make this the year you capitalize on the billions consumers spend during the holiday season.  Start preparing now for your holiday business needs; don’t wait until it’s too late! Let Sign-A-Rama help you shatter your sales records and gain that early, competitive edge in your market. In just 2 short months we will be gearing up for Halloween and then all of the other holidays that will soon follow. Don’t leave your planning to the last minute!

Did You Know? 

  •     In 2011 consumers spent a record breaking 11.4 billion on Black Friday, which was a 6.6 percent increase over the previous year. Expect 2012 to be another booming holiday spending season.

Easy Holiday Marketing Strategies

The holiday season is an optimum time to sell your wares and services. Make sure to market yourself effectively with these tips.

Deck out your business window festively

Get creative. If people stop to look at your window, it increases the chances they’ll walk into your store.

Make it easy for customers to present purchases as gifts

This may mean offering a gift-wrapping service or simply selling gift bags beside the checkout counter that correlate as much as possible with the size of the items you sell. And don’t forgot the tissue paper and gift cards.

Group related items attractively and sell as a unit

While this strategy works best with retail businesses, service-based industries can get creative and use this strategy as well. If you’re a veterinarian, get a little basket and place a gourmet doggy treat, a dog toothbrush and a toy together. (Don’t underestimate people’s desire to present their pets with gifts during the holiday season.) Retailers should have an even easier time. Create different groupings  — one for men, women, teens, children, whatever makes sense. And if this is too involved, make a sign suggesting the perfect combinations. And by the cash register or checkout counter,  put out the items that would be perfect for stocking stuffers  — and make a sign declaring this as well.

Play holiday music

It’s a simple thing, but it puts customers in a good mood.

Create a relaxation area

Shopping can be brutal on the feet. A couple of comfortable chairs will likely be very much appreciated. If you can offer a plate of cookies or a beverage, you’ll be even more popular.

Consider using additional signage to promote your location.

This could be a spinner sign, A frame, Banner or one of many solutions that we offer. Call your local Signarama today and we will be pleased to provide more ideas and cost effective solutions.

Do not forget your existing customers.

Provide your customers with a reason to visit you, do a holiday special that provides real value. Start using a newsletter and E mail your clients.

Blog, tweet and Facebook about the holidays and how it relates to your business

Customers and journalists alike are on the hunt for holiday-related items. You may be surprised at the increase in traffic you’ll get out of using the word “holiday” in your posts. Pair that with “deals” and you’ll likely see even greater traffic.